Building Moving Equipment

Sylvester Building Movers has a wide range of house moving and excavation equipment. House moving and raising is a specialized business and requires specialized equipment. Our hydraulic unified jacking systems, hydraulic dollies, building mover skates, steel I-beams of all shapes and sizes and our specialty designed tractors for moving any size structure will safely get your project from point A to point B and on time.

Since excavation is a integral part of any project, Sylvester Building Movers has all the right equipment from walk behind loaders to large front loaders and from mini excavators to large excavators. We can get your project ready for foundation.

A Few Reasons For Raising or
Relocating a Structure

One reason would be a failing or non-existing foundation. The next reason would be to reposition a structure on its lot in order to maximize the usability of the area. Another reason to relocate or put a foundation under a building would be if that building had historical value. Finally, in some cases, when a building is located in a flood zone, elevating the building a few feet can eliminate any problems associated with that.

If you are thinking about, raising or relocating your structure, the following are things to more.