Building Moving Services

We take great pride in helping preserve the historic value of any structure from your home or family air loom to other historic structures such as churches, school houses, barns, lighthouses, meeting halls etc…for 60 years this has been our specialty and the main part of our business. In towns throughout New England and the U.S. historic areas have been created to preserve our history. Committees have been put in place to keep from demolishing these historic structures and the first step is this process is either relocating or raising the historic structure to be set on a new foundation so history can be preserved for generations to come. With our expertise and specialty equipment we will continue to preserve the architectural and building industries history.

We at Sylvester Building Movers understand that your home can be your single greatest investment. With our expertise we can relocate or raise your home for a new foundation or basement where there was none. Raising a house for a new foundation due to the foundation starting to fail, to adding square footage by installing a basement or raising a house to become the second story, we have the knowledge and the right equipment for the job.

From a small machinery move like placing a roof top HVAC unit to a large equipment or industrial move like a 100 ton transformer, Sylvester Building Movers is committed to meeting the needs of our clients. In the commercial/industrial sectors meeting budgets and deadlines are of the most importance. Sylvester Building Movers has the experience, knowledge and the right equipment to find the most efficient and safest method for completing the project, which in turn will keep costs down.

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A Few Reasons For Raising or
Relocating a Structure

One reason would be a failing or non-existing foundation. The next reason would be to reposition a structure on its lot in order to maximize the usability of the area. Another reason to relocate or put a foundation under a building would be if that building had historical value. Finally, in some cases, when a building is located in a flood zone, elevating the building a few feet can eliminate any problems associated with that.

If you are thinking about, raising or relocating your structure, the following are things to more.