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A few reasons for raising or relocating a structure.

  • Relocating or installing a new foundation under a home of historic value to preserve it.
  • A failing or non-existing foundation or basement.
  • Relocating or repositioning a structure on it’s lot to maximize the usability of the area.
  • Located in a flood zone, elevating a structure a few feet can eliminate any problems associated with that.

A few things to consider:

  • When relocating a structure, will it fit from point A to point B?
    Consider both the width and the height of the structure
    (i.e. trees, telephone poles, wires etc…)
  • When a flood zone is involved you will need to know elevations and have a foundation plan. Local engineers will be able to
    assist with this.

We have all the excavation/demolition equipment to handle removal of old foundations, and the prep work for new foundations.

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