Flooding Services

Here in the New England area flooding problems are a common occurrence due to nor’easters and hurricanes. Sylvester Building Movers will work directly with engineers to find the right solution for your flooding issues. Whether it's moving the structure out of a flood zone or away from the shoreline or raising the structure to change its elevation, Sylvester building Movers has the reputation and experience to take care of your flooding needs.

A Few Reasons For Raising or
Relocating a Structure

One reason would be a failing or non-existing foundation. The next reason would be to reposition a structure on its lot in order to maximize the usability of the area. Another reason to relocate or put a foundation under a building would be if that building had historical value. Finally, in some cases, when a building is located in a flood zone, elevating the building a few feet can eliminate any problems associated with that.

If you are thinking about, raising or relocating your structure, the following are things to consider...read more.